Plastic Chair Spacers

R303.00R850.00 excl.

Support your rebar mats, piling cages, round bar or Y bars at the correct height.

You only get one chance to do the final concrete pour, so it’s vital to ensure that all your rebar elements are in the correct positions before you start, and remain there throughout the pour and compaction.

Failure to adequately anchor rebar can lead to movement during the bar, which can cause weaknesses and cracking down the line. With quality Plastic Chair Spacers from RMS Steel, you can avoid potential future liability and reputational damage by getting your concrete pour right first time, every time.

As with our RMS Steel Wheel Spacers, Plastic Chair Spacers are available in an assortment of all the most popular sizes, with different pack sizes.

Why use Plastic Chair Spacers?

If you’re using reinforcing steel, it makes sense to derive maximum benefit from your rebar investment, which means using quality Plastic Chair Spacers. Our quality control processes ensure minimal variation between Plastic Chair Spacers, so you can select and fit them with complete confidence.

Take the stress out of concrete pouring over rebar with our Plastic Chair Spacers, and compact with peace of mind, knowing that your chosen rebar elements will remain in place, today and always.

RMS Steel Plastic Chair Spacer Options

Chair spacers are used to maintain the correct cover and ensure that the bars remain in place during concrete placing and compaction.
15mm [R0.50each X 1000units(1bag)] = R500

20mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
25mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
30mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
35mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
40mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
50mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
60mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850
70mm [R1.64each X 500units (1bag)] = R850

80mm [R3.03 X 100 units (1bag)] = R303
100mm [R3.03 X 100 units (1bag)] = R303

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