Brick Force

Reinforce and bind your walls with Brick Force

RMS Steel Brick Force is a simple, cost-effective means of reinforcing masonry walls. Set horizontally into the mortar between layers of bricks, its ability to distribute loads and mitigate cracking lets you build thinner walls or greater spans, with no loss of strength. This in turn can save you time and money on your construction projects.

We use all our steel fabricating expertise to create our Brick Force, making this solution a deceptively simple piece of welding excellence. Because we use galvanised wire, RMS Steel Brick Force is resistant to corrosion and offers an extremely long lifespan.

The ladder shape is easy to manipulate and cut, making it ideal for use on all construction sites.

In essence, Brick Force helps bind your brick and masonry walls together, and makes each wall you build stronger. The last thing you want to see is cracking in your walls; using RMS Steel Brick Force all but eliminates this possibility.

Manage the loading from the effects of soil, water and wind with RMS Steel Brick Force, and protect your walls from shrinkage.

Brick Force (150mm) – 2.8mm x 20 Roll Black

Weight: 2kg

R53.99 excl.

Brick Force (75mm) – 2.8mm x 20 Roll Black

Weight: 2kg

R53.99 excl.

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