Y Bar 

Y BAR (High Tensile)

R47.35 – R2,561.04 excl.

Available in stock lengths (6m, 12m, 13m). Price is per one (1) length of reinforcing steel.

Reinforce your concrete infrastructures with Y BAR

Welcome to RMS Steel, the home of high-quality, high-tensile Y Bar – your first choice for reinforcing concrete structures. Y Bar from RMS Steel is available in stock lengths and a variety of diameters from 8mm to 40mm. Please see below for our Y Bar (High Tensile) Options).

Reinforcing Y Bar (or rebar) is also known as reinforcing steel or reinforcement steel. It is engineered to add to the tensile strengthen poured concrete by holding it in compression. Using Y Bar as a tension device adds to the durability of your concrete structures, and helps to minimise the danger of cracking.

RMS Steel Y Bar is manufactured to the same standard as all our other steel products, so you can have complete confidence in its composition and strength. Surface deformation markings contribute to adhesion with your concrete as you pour it.

All our Y Bar lengths use standard markings for easy identification onsite, including Production Mill identifying bar or symbol, bar size, steel type and grade mark.

To save you time during each product, we specialise in cutting, bending and delivering rebar – speak to us today about how we can meet your precise requirements, on time and on budget.

RMS Steel Y Bar (High Tensile) Options

Reinforcing Y08 Bar (High Tensile) – 8mm

Weight – 2kg  (6m)
Weight – 5kg (12m)
Weight – 5kg (13m)

R47.35 – R103.00 excl.


Reinforcing Y10 Bar (High Tensile) – 10mm

Weight – 2kg ( 6m )
Weight – 5kg ( 12m )
Weight – 5kg ( 13m )

R73.97 – R160.23 excl.


Reinforcing Y12 Bar (High Tensile) – 12mm

Weight – 2kg (6m)
Weight – 5kg (12m)
Weight – 5kg (13m)

R106.45 – R230.65 excl.


Reinforcing Y16 Bar (High Tensile) – 16mm

Weight – 9kg (6m)
Weight – 19kg (12m)
Weight – 21kg (13m)

R189.41 – R410.39 excl.


Reinforcing Y20 Bar (High Tensile) – 20mm

Weight – 15kg (6m)
Weight – 30kg (12m)
Weight – 32kg (13m)

R296.10 – R641.56 excl.


Reinforcing Y25 Bar (High Tensile) – 25mm

Weight – 23kg (6m)
Weight – 46kg (12m)
Weight – 50kg (13m)

R461.54 – R1,000.00 excl.


Reinforcing Y32 Bar (High Tensile) – 32mm  

Weight – 38kg (6m)
Weight – 76kg (12m)
Weight – 82kg (13m)

R756.44 – R1,638.96 excl.


Reinforcing Y40 Bar (High Tensile) – 40mm

Weight – 59kg (6m)
Weight – 118kg (12m)
Weight – 128kg (13m)

R1,182.02 – R2,561.04 excl.

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