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REBAR Products – Supply and Installation

Bend it, shape it, any way you want it… only from RMS Steel.

RMS Steel is a top steel rebar supplier to the construction industry. Every construction project is different, which is why you need a reinforcing steel partner who understands the industry, and has the experience and expertise to design, manufacture and deliver your steel elements. It’s why you should have RMS Steel in your corner as your steel reinforcement supplier of choice.

We supply, cut and bend reinforcing steel (rebar) to the latest applicable South African standards, just as we always have done. We’re never content to sit on our laurels; instead, we conduct regular quality audits to make sure that each and every RMS rebar element is fit for purpose.

Our steel rebar specifications range from 250MPA to 500MPA – If you’re not sure which specification is right for your project, we’re always happy to give advice and answers. Simply contact us for expert technical assistance.

When it comes to cutting and bending, all our work complies with the SANS 282: Edition 6 Cutting & Bending Standards. Share your bending schedules with us and we’ll ensure that we match them precisely. You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that at RMS Steel, we always cut and bend rebar in compliance with the standard Shape Codes shown in our Reinforcing Steel Data Sheet.
You can learn more about bending schedules.
Download our Rebar Data Sheet here .

Cutting & Bending Standards SANS 282:Edition 6
Bending Schedules

We cut and bend rebar according to your bending schedules and in compliance with the standard Shape Codes shown in our Reinforcing Data Sheet

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