Wheel Spacers

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Concrete spacers for rebar or rebar spacers (in short, “wheel spacers”), ensure that your steel rebars remain in place during concrete placing and compaction.

In a construction project, the smallest details can make a big difference. Wheel Spacers are a great example of a tiny component that can help ensure the success of your rebar work – but only if they are of sufficient quality, and used correctly.

Our Wheel Spacers are specially designed to be strong yet lightweight, and have an internal web-shaped framework that holds the rebar firmly in place, with minimal contact. This means that your rebar is always held at the same distance from the concrete surface, so you can be certain of achieving the correct cover.

RMS Steel Wheel Spacers

Perfectly round, RMS Wheel Spacers cannot fall over, which means that each length of rebar stays exactly where you need it to. When you choose Wheel Spacers from RMS Steel, you know that they’ll be a perfect fit with your preferred rebar. We offer a variety of diameters from 15mm to 70mm, available in varying bag sizes that offer you exceptional value whilst making sure you never run out of Wheel Spacers.

Our Wheel Spacers are more than durable enough to be left in space during the final concrete pour, and are guaranteed to last as long as our rebar.

RMS Steel Wheel Spacer Options – (500 in a bag)

Used for maintaining the correct cover and ensuring that bars remain in place during concrete placing and compaction.

15mm [R0.37each X 1000units(1bag)] = R370

20mm [R0.51each X 500units (1bag)] = R250
25mm [R0.51each X 500units (1bag)] = R250
30mm [R0.51each X 500units (1bag)] = R250

40mm [R0.95each X 250units (1bag)] = R237.50
50mm [R0.95each X 250units (1bag)] = R237.50

70mm [R2.03each X 100units (1bag)] = R203.00

Rebar spacers, also known as concrete cover blocks or wheel spacers, are essential components used in construction to maintain a specific distance between the reinforcing steel bars (rebar) and the formwork or surface of the concrete. The primary purpose of these spacers is to ensure that the rebar is correctly positioned within the concrete structure, providing adequate concrete cover to protect the reinforcement from environmental factors and corrosion.

Here are some key points about rebar spacers in construction:

Rebar spacers are typically made from materials with good strength and durability, such as plastic, concrete, or metal. Plastic spacers are commonly used due to their lightweight nature and resistance to corrosion.

Sizes and Shapes:
Rebar spacers come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific requirements of the construction project. They can be cylindrical, rectangular, or even cross-shaped. The choice of spacer depends on the type and size of the rebar being used.

The spacers are placed at regular intervals along the length of the reinforcement, maintaining the desired distance between the rebar and the formwork or the surface of the concrete. Proper placement is crucial for achieving the designed structural strength and durability.

Concrete Cover:
Concrete cover is the thickness of concrete that surrounds and protects the reinforcing steel within a structure. Rebar spacers play a vital role in ensuring that the specified concrete cover is maintained, as inadequate cover can lead to corrosion of the rebar and compromise the structural integrity of the construction.

Corrosion Protection:
By maintaining the correct concrete cover, rebar spacers help protect the reinforcement from corrosion. Corrosion can be caused by exposure to environmental elements, such as moisture and chemicals, and can significantly reduce the lifespan and strength of a structure.

Compliance with Standards:
Construction codes and standards often specify the minimum and maximum concrete cover requirements for different types of structures. Rebar spacers must be selected and placed in accordance with these standards to ensure compliance and structural safety.

Types of Spacers:
Different types of spacers are available, including continuous spacers, wheel spacers, and clip spacers. The choice depends on the specific construction requirements and the type of formwork being used.

Wheel spacers are crucial components in construction that help maintain the correct positioning of reinforcing steel within concrete structures, ensuring proper concrete cover and protecting the reinforcement from corrosion, thereby contributing to the overall durability and strength of the construction.

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