dpc Green Plastic SHEET


Damp-proof your construction project.

Rising damp can cause endless problems during the construction phase of any project, and afterwards. It’s vital to control this issue before it results in concrete contamination, loss of efficiency in flooring insulation and even flooring installation delamination. The consequences of this can be extra costs, damage to your reputation, and even legal action taken by unhappy clients.

Our Green Plastic sheeting has been especially formulated as a damp-proof membrane, and has proven to be extremely effective at preventing moisture infiltration from the ground or lower layers of substrate. Our Green Plastic is tough enough to provide a lasting solution, with excellent puncture resistance and tear strength. It is supplied in wide widths, meaning you need fewer strips for any given area and therefore fewer seams where damp could potentially penetrate.

Avoid future issues by tackling rising damp at source with our Green Plastic sheeting. Like all RMS Steel products, it’s tough enough to get the job done, while delivering the quality you need in every situation. Rising damp has the potential to cause serious headaches, but in our Green Plastic sheeting, we have a definitive, cost-effective solution. Contact us today to place your order.

DPC Plastic Sheet DP3M X 250G MIC X 30m Green SABS Sheeting

R650.00 excl.

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