Working in Sales doesn’t have to be a nightmare – How to deal with Sales Stress

Chanel Hamiel

It would be an understatement to say that working in sales is stressful.

Pressure from your manager to meet your target, dealing with difficult customers, trying to make deadlines and the ever-increasing list of expectations from your co-workers!

Sounds familiar?

All too often we sales personnel allow these pressures to affect our performance, our mental state of mind and sometimes even our health.

Here are a few tips to help you deal better with the stress that comes along with job and still win at your workplace:

  1. Don’t take it personally – We have all heard this before and it is often easier said than done.

Hearing a client say no or dealing with losing a sale can lead you to feeling that it is a personal rejection. It is always important to remember that hearing NO does not mean that the client is saying NO to you or personally rejecting you.


  1. Eat healthy – Working in sales means you are either on the road driving to your next prospective client or working in the office dealing with numerous customers and answering dozens of phone calls. As a result, you end up with little to no time to eat a meal and your first response is to grab a takeaway or reach for a bag of chips or chocolate to get through the day.

Eating this way seems like the best option as you have tremendous amounts of energy from all the sugary treats and hundreds of cups of coffee but can lead to you “crashing’ towards the end of the day. By the time you reach home, you are ready to get into bed and start the same cycle again. Opt for healthier snacks during the day and try to pack lunch that is easy to eat on the road or at the office to avoid heading to your favourite fast food joint.


  1. Put on your favourite tracks during the day – Music automatically has the power to make you feel better. While driving to your next client, listen to your favourite tracks to uplift your mood if the meeting did not go as planned. Being a salesperson means always being excited and ready to sell and music can be a way to get you motivated and excited to sell.

Sales environments will always be high pressured and rather than trying to reduce stress in the workplace by trying to reduce your workload, rather focus on making small changes that can affect your overall mood. Give the above tips a try the next time you feel overwhelmed and remember to take a moment to breathe!


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