Round Bar

R Bar or Round Bar

Prices are per one (1) length of reinforcing steel.

Reinforce your concrete infrastructure with steel round bar.

RMS Round Bar or “R Bar” is engineered to add strength to all your concrete structures. RMS Steel Round Bar is available in all the most popular and widely used sizes and lengths, so you can choose exactly the right bar to meet your needs. We offer Round Bar in diameters from 8mm – 40mm, and in lengths from 6m to 13m. When you choose RMS Steel Round Bar, you can be certain that you’re purchasing a high-quality, cost-effective solution to your standard concrete reinforcing needs.

Our experts can assess your project and advise on optimum yield strength and tensile strength, and recommend the exact grade of Round Bar that you need. Rigorous quality controls ensure consistency of specifications and properties across all our Round Bar products. The smooth surface of RMS Round Bar means that concrete adhesion is typically low, making this product more suitable for small- and medium-scale projects, such as beam and column stirrups and pipelines. It also offers a cost-effective means of reinforcing roads.

Bending and shaping of Round Bar is often necessary for maximum effectiveness – which is where the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for your project plays such a vital role. Learn more about Bar Bending Schedules.

RMS Steel – Round Bar Options

Reinforcing R08 Bar (Round Bar) – 8mm

Weight – 2kg (6m)
Weight – 5kg (12m)
Weight – 5kg (13m)

 R47.35 – R103.00 excl.

Reinforcing R10 Bar (Round Bar) – 10mm

Weight – 2kg (6m)
Weight – 5kg (12m)
Weight – 5kg (13m)

 R73.97 – R160.23 excl.

Reinforcing R12 Bar (Round Bar) – 12mm

Weight – 5kg (6m)
Weight – 11kg (12m)
Weight – 12kg (13m)

R106.45 – R230.65 excl.

Reinforcing R16 Bar (Round Bar) – 16mm

Weight – 9kg (6m)
Weight – 19kg (12m)
Weight – 21kg (13m

R189.41 – R410.39 excl.

Reinforcing R20 Bar (Round Bar) – 20mm

Weight – 15kg (6m)
Weight – 30kg (12m)
Weight – 32kg (13m)

R296.10 – R641.56 excl.

Reinforcing R25 Bar (Round Bar) – 25mm

Weight – 23kg (6m)
Weight – 46kg (12m)
Weight – 50kg (13m)

R461.54 – R1,000.00 excl.

Reinforcing R32 Bar (Round Bar) – 32mm

Weight – 38kg (6m)
Weight – 76kg (12m)
Weight – 82kg (13m)

R756.44 – R1,638.96 excl.

Reinforcing R40 Bar (Round Bar) – 40mm

Weight – 59kg (6m)
Weight – 118kg (12m)
Weight – 128kg (13m)

R1,182.02 – R2,561.04 excl.

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