Shenaz Cobb

I feel inspired and hopeful when I reflect upon the construction industry for it signifies new growth and development. The construction industry is in fact at the core of all new and continuous development. In this instance, I am referring to the development and growth in the external environment. For outer development to occur though, there must be growth and development in our individual selves and in the collective consciousness.

We cannot continue this path of continuous growth without employing more sustainable methods.  We need to be more respectful of the earth and the resources exploited. There must be a change in our understanding and awareness and ultimately in our attitude. Too often, there must be a catastrophe for a major shift to occur. There are so many ways in which we can use our resources more intelligently and more efficiently Instead of always replacing, we should encourage REUSE and RECYCLE. The earth is generous if we are gracious and respectful toward it.

“We cannot continue this path of continuous growth without employing more sustainable methods”

To change our habits and attitudes, we need to work on ourselves. The more care we take of ourselves, the more we will care for everything else around us. The more respect we show for ourselves, the more we will show for others and for our external environment. We need to see ourselves not as one individual self but as part of a larger world.  We need to understand that what we do has an impact on everything else. If we understand that, we will be more present, more aware and we will make more intelligent choices.

We are currently in the midst of a major catastrophe COVID 19 has literally brought the world to a standstill. Despite the collapse of economies and the consequences thereof, there have been many benefits as well.  We have been given an opportunity to rethink and find new ways to use our resources. If we do this right, the benefits all round will far outweigh the losses.

COVID 19 has changed and presented us with new challenges. We endeavor to be at the forefront of the change and challenge. We will learn, teach, and collaborate with our clients and suppliers.


Our overall approach will be to be of service to ourselves, our clients, and ultimately to the greater good of all.  With this in mind, we will endeavor to be attentive to our clients and to take care of their needs as we will our own.


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