Safety Caps

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Avoid workplace injuries. 

Prevent injuries caused by rebar projections with Rebar Safety End Caps from RMS Steel. Make every construction site a safer place for workers and visitors by utilising RMS Steel Rebar Safety End Caps on every projecting piece of rebar, whether it’s orientated vertically or horizontally. Even when everyone on your site is using the correct PPE, rebar projections can still represent tripping hazards or cause puncture wounds – especially if they are at head height.

RMS Steel Rebar Safety End Caps

Our Rebar Safety End Caps are made from durable orange plastic, make them an effective barrier between rebar projections and people. The colour was intentionally chosen to be eye-catching and contribute to onsite safety awareness and risk management. RMS Steel Rebar Safety End Caps are available in two diameters to fit all common rebar steel rods, and are available in bags of 500 so you always have enough Safety Caps for every rebar projection on site.

Although we believe that cost-saving drives should never lead to health & safety compromises, we have ensured that our Rebar Safety End Caps offer excellent value for money, so you can always afford to use all the Safety Caps you need. Make Safety Caps part of your safety culture and minimise the human and financial cost of workplace accidents.

Rebar Safety End Caps are utilised in areas traversed by workers where rebar projections represent a personal hazard.

Safety Caps – Orange 16 – 32mm Bag of 500 Units

Safety Caps – Orange 8 – 16mm Bags of 500 Units

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