Product Features

  •  Using welded mesh drastically speeds up the construction process
  •  Welded mesh is available in wide range of wire diameters each suited for a particular reinforcing design application
  •  Depending on job requirements welded mesh can be designed either in flat sheets, rolls or bent to suit
  •  The deformed wire used in the production of welded mesh improves concrete adhesion. The wire has a minimum proof stress of 485MPa and a tensile strength of 510MPa as per BS4482 Standard Specification requirements
  •  Welded mesh can be used at higher stresses than that of high tensile rebar, resulting in an 8% overall material saving
  •  Due to its rigid nature, concrete cover can be controlled more accurately on site
  •  Welded mesh is manufactured in strict accordance to SANS1024 Standard Specifications as well as to international standard specifications on request
  •  Where there is a significant amount of repetition, conventional bar reinforcement can be substituted with pre-manufactured designed mesh resulting in easier controls, speed of installation, reducing offcuts and wastage.
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